"hict strives to provide a good balance of personal and professional wellbeing" dixit Steven Lauwers, Senior consultant @ hict


Starting a new job always means having to go through a learning process: you have to process a lot of new information and get to know a lot of new faces in a short time, which quickly becomes very chaotic.  

My first month at hict was different. When I arrived, my week was already pretty much planned for me. And instead of focusing on my new tasks only, half of the introductory week was dedicated to meeting my new colleagues personally in individual sessions. In parallel, I was briefed in detail about the projects I would be part of and projects currently going on in the different teams.

In my second week the learning curve got a bit steeper: instead of going through the typical desk study phase, I was submerged in the projects: I attended meetings with the clients and was asked to already take the lead on some aspects of the projects. So a lot of new information to process, all while meeting my first deadlines and delivering results. While this seemed daunting, I knew from the personal meetings which colleague could help me with every possible question I had.


The trust and opportunity that is given, right from the get-go, have allowed me to advance very far in only one month time. hict strives to provide a good balance of personal and professional wellbeing, which results in a team that is there for each other. This year’s annual board meeting is a perfect example of that: instead of going ‘straight to business’, hict put the personal aspect first and reserved a big chunk of time to have a nice long brunch with all hict employees. 



Steven Lauwers

Senior Consultant @ hict




if you want to join the hict team, please check our open positions, mail us at career@hict.com or call us on +3250333340

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