The six flavours of hict

Different challenges demand different approaches, and different ingredients. The basis for each recipe is the same. hict always applies the architect-builder principle ((analyse + advise) x realise) to figure out what the needed ingredients are and how to go about the implementation. In our journey to optimise healthcare and add value for both our costumers, as for our customers' customers, patients, people, we organise ourselves in different domains, each with its own flavour. Starting from these different flavours we work towards the convergence into integrated and optimized healthcare for and with our customers.

Different solutions demand different expertise. hict is proud to be able to offer such diversity and adhere to the needs and wants of its customers. Each domain calls upon a different set of experts.

Explore hict's six domains, flavours, if you will:



Strategy - Management - Organisation - Quality

The SMOQ domain combines ingredients such as innovationsustainabilitypragmatism, and system knowledge to one refined approach to help you and your organisation to not only survive, but to flourish in the changing healthcare landscape.

hict offers a broad portfolio to support your organisation in its development and innovation to be prepared for the future. Some of our services are:

  • Strategy development including networking, partnerships, outsourcing, etc.
  • Health infrastructure programming
  • Market analyses
  • Organisation structure and governance improvement
  • Developing appropriate management models

We are looking forward to tasting with you the delight of a realistic, though progressive, and successful change.


Rianne Welvaarts – SMOQ Domain Manager



Value Management

hict uses its knowledge of and experience with healthcare institutions and providers to help you identify, quantify, optimize or create value for your products.

Our Value Management team can help you

  • differentiate your products through cost studies looking beyond price and evaluating the broader cost picture
  • develop the health economic section of your reimbursement submissions
  • leverage the results of tailored health economic analyses for marketing and sales purposes
  • get an in-depth real life understanding of your market, answering your strategic market questions and help you define new strategic or commercial initiatives
  • map existing and potential values of your product for different stakeholders and develop and implement value optimizing initiatives

We have a taste for Value!


Ann Tanghe – VM Domain Manager



Process Improvement

Every organisation has a different way of functioning which in turn needs very specific processes. These processes are at the heart of your organisation, and give it a distinct and unique flavour.

hict offers you the expertise to improve your processes – while safeguarding your unique taste. We combine proven methods, such as LEAN, with our vast experience to render your processes even better.

Definition of goals, service level agreements and KPI’s are crucial aspects of our approach.

We deliver hands-on advice to prepare and support your organisation. We assist you in the implementation and help you manage the inherent changes.


Rianne Welvaarts – PI Domain Manager


ICT Management

ICT in healthcare is a strong and innovative flavour. It is a mix of quality and efficiency. hict brings exactly that to the healthcare market.

We look into detail to healthcare related ICT strategies, applications, governance and integration.

We assist healthcare workers in using new applications and devices, and bring new technology to improve their daily activities. Innovation, usability, efficiency and quality are the ingredients we use to create that unique flavour for our customers, with both national and international products.

Our ICT domain experts are available to prepare with you your ICT solutions.


Jan Demey – ICT Domain Manager



Centres of Excellence in Clinical R&D

Clinical trials help to optimise quality and innovation in healthcare. They provide patients with early acces to new medicines, increase scientific valorisation and institutional prestige. They attract (young) physicians, and are a cornerstone of the Belgian knowledge economy.

hict uses its knowledge of, and experience with the healthcare sector to improve operational excellence, enhance patient recruitment, and reduce timelines.

Our Centres of Excellence menu offers: organisational analysis, detailed implementation plan, clinical trial administration, clinical trail operations, and (IT) support.

Our expertise makes us a trusted partner for public and private stakeholders to further enhance local capabilities and excellence in clinical R&D.


Robert Lins, MD, PhD – CoE Domain Manager


HR Management

The motto of the HRM domain is: “The well-being of the healthcare providers is crucial to ensure high-quality care.”

hict offers different recipes to help healthcare workers provide excellent care.

We assist with the implementation of an effective HR policy through advice and guidance. We train coaches and mentors who assist employees in their daily mission, and give them the tools to manage change. We organise workshops and training for staff to develop the necessary skills.

We also offer Interim Management, where we identify and deploy experts and managers on a temporary basis.


Peter Deboutte - HRM Domain Manager


You are welcome to contact us for further information. Call +32 50 33 33 40 or send an email, and we'll get you in touch with the right person.


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