Cases: Public services

The Katholieke Hogeschool St. Lieven asked hict to give a training on ‘patient safety in practice’ to the students of the third year Hospital nursing.
Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen - Herstructurering beenmergcentrale-Marrow Donor Program
The management asked hict to reorganise the organisation, to resolve the accounting backlog and to formulate the specifications for a renewed bone marrow data bank application.  
NVSM disposes of a very fast and user-friendly office application, but checking for nomenclature couldn't be done (enough) online. In some cases this led to an incorrect reimbursement of clients. In...
OCMW Puurs – Development of a master plan Sociaal Huis
The town of Puurs and OCMW Puurs want to develop a social house in a new work concept and this using an old rest home building that had to evolve spatially and service-wise. The town of Puurs,...
Red Cross Flanders asked hict to follow up a development project for the new website. The project consisted of making the existing website more user-friendly and this for both the visitor and the...
Vlaamse Diabetes Vereniging – Registratie en opvolging van zwangerschapsdiabetes
The Flemish Diabetes Association asked hict to develop a registration platform which allows the follow-up of women who are diagnosed with diabetes during their pregnancy.  
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