IHC Group nv – Tarificatie- en facturatiepakket
IHC Group NV, Infohos and U.Z. Brussel cooperate in order to develop a new pricing and invoicing package. The system's power lies in the business rule engine. For the project management of TarFac IHC...
Jan Yperman Hospital – Assessment logistic processes pharmacy - operating wing
hict was asked to perform an assessment of the internal organisation of the pharmacy and of the distribution to the operating wing by: mapping the current way of working;  identifying the...
Jan Yperman Hospital – Training policy plans
hict was asked to give workshops on the translation of the strategy into concrete policy plans. Organisation chart, management culture and division of responsibilities form part of this. The nursing...
Jan Yperman Hospital – Specifications Meal registration
The Jan Yperman Hospital wanted to join and extend the existing computer systems for the follow-up of administered antibiotics and infection prevention. The hospital asked hict to formulate the...
Jan Yperman Hospital – RFID Middleware and expansion
The hospital needed someone to create a middleware solution with the following functionalities: to link RFID tags to software solutions;  integration between MobileView and the switchboard on...
The Katholieke Hogeschool St. Lieven asked hict to give a training on ‘patient safety in practice’ to the students of the third year Hospital nursing.
KCE – Video registration Operating room
The KCE asked hict to examine the following: “Is it possible to improve the quality of surgical interventions in the operating room by means of video registration of endoscopic images?"  
Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen - Herstructurering beenmergcentrale-Marrow Donor Program
The management asked hict to reorganise the organisation, to resolve the accounting backlog and to formulate the specifications for a renewed bone marrow data bank application.  
Microsoft – SWOT studie Amalga Belgische markt
Microsoft asked hict to examine the possibilities for the European market because it wanted to approach the European market with Amalga.  
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