Consultant - Healthcare Data Science

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  • Analyse, advise and help realise solutions that work.
  • Interpret and validate results.
  • Discuss your findings with stakeholders.
  • Build reports and visualisations to expose findings.


We are looking to strengthen our core team of consultants with a passionate data science / business intelligence professional who wants to grow and evolve in our dynamic environment within our data science interest group.

At Hict, we firmly believe today’s challenges and tomorrow’s trends demand continuous improvement and investments to ensure access, quality and affordability of care and cure. To do so, we stand shoulder to shoulder with healthcare stakeholders to help make the right choices, deliver better results, increase value for money, provide access to innovation, shape the public debate and inform healthcare policy.

Your responsibilities

Our team works closely together with internal and external experts to analyse, advise and help realise solutions that work. A cornerstone of our capability is our data-driven mindset in capturing, integrating, processing, analysing and visualizing data, fostering a culture of data-informed solution design from within our organization across healthcare stakeholders.

Your profile

  • You have a Master's degree in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics or a related quantitative field.
  • You thrive on finding the best visualizations to expose insights from data. You have outstanding communication, reporting and presentation skills.
  • You have experience with high-level programming languages such as Python, C#, Matlab or R.
  • You have solid quantitative skills such as data-mining, applied machine learning and/or statistical modelling; knowledge of algorithms spanning clustering, regression, classification, mixture models, etc.
  • Experience with C#, JavaScript (D3), R (Shiny), Jupyter Notebooks or Python is an asset
  • You have a first experience with BI tools.
  • You can easily educate yourself in new technologies, programming languages and frameworks.
  • You are familiar with the data science process and are willing to pick up data science projects
  • You can work effectively within diverse teams and also have the ability to work independently and prioritize on your own work.
  • You are creative and can work on a high conceptual level.
  • You have very good troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • You are very result driven, quality minded and consumer oriented.
  • You speak and write Dutch or French fluently. You have a good knowledge of English; knowledge of other European languages is an asset.
  • You have the ability to understand business context and specificities.
  • Knowledge of the healthcare sector is an asset, but not explicitly required. You are highly motivated to get to know the sector and to dive into the different healthcare datasets that are available.

You have/are

  • A consultant at heart – you work directly with end-customers, typically as part of a flexible team of expert consultants.
  • Able to investigate data using optimal quantitative techniques, statistical analysis and/or machine learning techniques, taking into account the specificities of the business problem(s) at hand.
  • Able to interpret and validate results, formulate conclusions and discuss with stakeholders.
  • Able to build reports and visualizations to expose findings to our customers, including non-technical experts. Setup and maintain data sharing platforms.
  • Able to work together with technical/business representatives to foster an objective mindset and promote data-driven decision making.
  • Able to proactively identify key challenges in healthcare for which data driven decision making makes sense. Setup the framework to supply the needed insights from data (the data product) and ensure direct interaction with stakeholders to validate/improve deliverables. Quantify the return on investment before and after deployment of the data product.
  • Able to follow advances and proliferate latest trends in related technologies.

What we offer

  • A challenging project-driven working environment in a dynamic team of highly skilled professionals, with a vast expertise in health data science.
  • A fixed contract, with a competitive salary and benefits package.
  • A flexible and open work environment, incl. homework policy
  • A comprehensive training package, including on-the-job and dedicated trainings

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