Elisabeth: I have the opportunity to grow in many aspects.

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BLOG - 22 février 2024

Meet Elisabeth. The latest addition to our HEMAR team. We asked Elisabeth to share her experiences of the first several months after joining Hict.


When I graduated in July as a Biomedical engineer, my search for my first job started. I had no idea yet what I was looking for in terms of job content, other than I wanted it to be situated in the healthcare sector because the medical field interested me immensely. During the search, I noticed that I did not get enthusiastic by R&D positions that my studies prepared me for, so I started looking more broadly.

At a certain point, LinkedIn introduced me to Hict, a consultancy company that focuses solely on the healthcare sector, and my interest immediately was awakened by the Junior Consultant - Health Economics and Market Access position.

At first, I was a little hesitant to apply because of the economic aspect of the job that I had no knowledge of at all. However, already on my first interview, I felt welcome in the company, and I was eager to learn about this new side of healthcare. From the first day as junior consultant on the HEMAR team, I instantly felt like part of the team and my learning process had begun.

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These last few months I mainly worked on reimbursement projects for which we have to collect data by developing and sending out surveys, conducting interviews with experts in the field and doing literature research, but also develop and populate health economic models. Furthermore, I am also involved in a project within hospitals, I have attended healthcare events, and I will follow external trainings to further guide me in becoming a real healthcare economist. Working on several projects at once can be a bit challenging at times, but the variety is also exciting.

Thanks to Hict, I have the opportunity to grow in many aspects. My soft skills are challenged by communicating with clients and experts, I can apply my engineering skills in the economic models, and I get to learn all about medical procedures, specific diseases and their treatments. I am happy to help make healthcare innovations available to the general public every day while working in a supportive, passionate and multidisciplinary team.

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