Value-based healthcare... Beyond the hype

ÉVÉNEMENT | 13 FÉVRIER - 14 janvier 2020

Hict presents the first event, launching our brand new InsightOut knowledge platform.

The recap of our inaugural InsightOut event on Value-based Healthcare is now online!

Read it here!


Value-Based Healthcare

On February 13th 2020 we invite Prof. Lieven Annemans to outline the case for value-based healthcare in Belgian practice. Bringing the concept home, we'll present its practical translation to Belgian HIV practice in a compelling case presentation. Read on for more details and (free) registration!

The healthcare space is moving faster than ever. New ideas, concepts and paradigms are launched and re-launched every day. Hot topics bubble up - and burst! - with bullet speed. What is hype? What is hope? InsightOut is here to help!

True to our architect-builder foundation we care deeply about implementable concepts bringing meaningful change. For its inaugural session, InsightOut invited Lieven Annemans, Prof. of Health and Well-being and Hict associated expert, to outline the case for value-based healthcare. Sebastian Vermeersch, Manager at Hict, will focus on bringing the paradigm into practice by means of a showcase translating value-based healthcare concepts to Belgian HIV practice.

Our session "Value-based Healthcare... Beyond the hype" takes place on February 13th at MeetDistrict Ghent and is open to all members of the Belgian Healthcare Industry (pharmaceutical, MedTech, Medical devices & others). Registration is free and limited to 30 participants.

Come join us for an insightful outing, participate in our interactive Q&A, and catch up during an informal networking opportunity. Sandwich lunch will be provided (please notify us of dietary restrictions).

Lieven Annemans

Professor Economics of Health and Wellbeing, UGent

For those who would need an introduction... Lieven, a renowned author, advisor and lecturer, served as a cabinet staff member of former Minister of Social Affairs Frank Vandenbroucke. He was appointed president of ISPOR in 2004, and served as president of the Flemish Health Council for 8 years. He’s the author of De prijs van uw gezondheid – is onze gezondheidszorg in gevaar? (2014), Je geld of je leven in de gezondheidszorg (2016) and Health economics for non economists (2018). Lieven is Associate Expert Health Economics at Hict and advised the HEMAR team on several projects.

Sebastian vermeersch

Manager, Hict - Optimising Healthcare

Sebastian holds master's degrees in Computer Science Engineering and Biomedical/Clinical Engineering and a PhD in Biomedical and Clinical Engineering. After graduating, he served as postdoctoral researcher and research coordinator at UGent. In 2012 he joined Hict with a focus on Value and HEMAR projects. Sebastian has a large experience in health economics modelling, market access & reimbursement and data analysis. He will be presenting one of our cases on value-based healthcare.



  • 12u-12u30: Arrival and lunch
  • 12u30-13u: Value-based healthcare.... beyond the hype by Lieven Annemans
  • 13u-13u15: How value-based paradigms can bring meaningful change to HIV practices in Belgium by Sebastian Vermeersch
  • 13u15-13u45: Q&A
  • 13u45-14u30: Coffee

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