Healthcare Excellence - Taiba Hospital

05 mai 2021

Organic growth of projects within a partnership with Taiba Hospital for healthcare excellence, in a context of a digital transformation of the Health Information System, Financial Accounts and Coding.

When two companies have a common vision, a partnership will flourish. That is Hict’s experience working with Taiba Hospital, Kuwait. Taiba Hospital, looking to acquire a new Health Information System (HIS – EMR, ERP & RCM), wanted to find the best solution possible to meet their needs as well as their strategic and clinical ambitions. In this effort, they wanted a partner with healthcare specific experience, that would look at this project with a broader, hospital-wide eye.

Hict’s focus – people, processes and technology

A new HIS is a considerable hospital investment, making sure that your new ICT tool fits your requirements is a must. However, digital transformation isn’t just about giving up on pen and paper. Taiba Hospital always strives for excellence in the quality of their patient care. For that reason, Hict applied a thorough methodology of process and people analysis.

Taiba scope


Having a clear view on the current situation (AS IS) and determining where Taiba Hospital wanted to be (TO BE) Hict could map all needed and future requirements for a new HIS (GAP). Furthermore, during the analysis (workshops, interviews and observation), Hict brought forward the activities to improve. Technology-based actions became requirements in the request for proposals to the vendors. People or process-based actions became recommendations for parallel projects (some realized by Hict, others by Taiba Hospital’s teams).

Knowledge transfer & change management: The importance of user engagement

Hict believes the biggest challenges when implementing technology or improving processes are people and change management. At Taiba Hospital, top management supported Hict’s proactiveness in getting the staff as engaged as possible. During the HIS selection trajectory, key users were involved from the start.Workshops were a mix of top management, mid management and workfloor staff. Key users had to validate Hict’s idea of their TO BE, as well as review proposals in parallel to Hict’s consultants.

Steering committee

Hict’s project management and governance allowed for a productive and enriching communication between Belgian and Kuwaiti teams, with defined responsibilities and roles.

Data collection


  • A structured, transparent, and staff validated HIS procurement procedure, leading to an upcoming HIS selection
  • Identified priorities and GAPS to bridge: Taiba Hospital is ready to dive into the ICT tool’s implementation, again in partnership with Hict
  • Hict worked WITH Taiba Hospital’s teams to create realizations that were as much theirs as ours. Hict’s experts shared their knowledge and approach, not just their results (project management, finance, supply chain, etc)
  • Allowing Taiba Hospital’s staff to be empowered as experts of their daily activities resulted in high user engagement, starting the change culture needed for such important projects
  • A better and evolving insight in long term strategic goals through technology, people and process improvement