Health & budget impact of combined HIV prevention & value based pricing of integrated care for HIV patients

06 juin 2019

Supporting Belgian AIDS reference centers in defining future-forward value-based financing models for integrated HIV care.

Expertise: Health Economics, Market Access, Stakeholder messaging

Project Highlights

  • Customer: AIDs reference centers (with financial support from Gilead Sciences)
  • Main Goal: Health economic and policy support preparing a case for value-based financing in HIV care
  • Main Result: Belgian health and budget impact of combined prevention; peer-reviewed publication on model findings; scientific poster presentations at international conferences on key policy framework components; ongoing working group support


Tackling the HIV epidemic is challenging, requiring expertise, persistent effort in reaching patients, extensive multilevel prevention and continuous follow-up. Adequately meeting the needs of HIV patients furthermore requires looking beyond the direct impact of the disease, managing – for instance – disease and treatment related morbidities, quality of life, stigma, discrimination and sexual health. In Belgium, HIV patients are followed up in specialized Aids Reference Centers (ARC).

Meeting these challenges requires continuous innovation. Transitioning towards a value-based financing of HIV care is one of the key axes to leverage to future-proof the delivery of high-quality, outcomes-driven HIV care.

The aim of this project is two-fold: (i) to support the ARCs by providing, objective health economic quantifiable value measures demonstrating the value of integrated HIV care and (ii) leveraging these models, to assist in the development of a value-based financing approaches.


  • Expert-validated health and budget impact model of combined HIV prevention
  • Process and project management support
  • Publication and poster presentation on model & results (cf. infra)

Health and budget impact of combined HIV prevention – first results of the BELHIVPREV model

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Quantifying the Impact of Reduced Investments in Integrated HIV Care Delivery In Belgium

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Value-Based Financing of Integrated Care for Persons Living with HIV

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