The goal of the financial model and dashboard is to gather financial data from different data sources.

Header Dashboarding

We bring these sources together to:

  • Create a complete overview of costs and profits related to the hospital or a specific department.
  • Allocate all costs and profits per specialism.
  • Estimate the operational cost.


We work through an iterative and interactive approach with you.

We define together what will be the guiding principles to discuss the wanted results and how we will validate calculations.

We provide one or more intermediate reports to describe results as well as the used sources, the model and how the model can still be adjusted.

You receive

  • A financial model that allows for parametrisation.
  • A dashboard that is interactive and structured with different visualisations.
  • A manual describing the choices made during the development, how to update the data, and an overview of the parameters that you can set.