Turn your general strategic goals into concrete policy plans per hospital department. Put paper into practice.

Header Dashboarding


We work with an internal project group to be able to interpret and validate the strategic goals of the hospital and the departments. Once we have a concrete approach to move forward we can assist in the strategic plans for each medical discipline.

We gather the strategic plans for each discipline, and list key performance indicators (KPI).

We setup a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) at the level of the hospital and per service.

Strategic Dashboard


We present everything in a dashboard to have a clear overview and to enable you to manage and plan the strategy, and to follow the progress.

The dashboard is easy to update and allows you to prioritise, align day-to-day work, and measure your progress towards your strategic goals.

You receive

  • A specific strategic approach.
  • Strategic plans for each medical discipline.
  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • A Balanced Scorecard at hospital level and per service.