12 augustus 2019

Hict was asked by A+ Design, a global consortium in healthcare construction, to support for a project in Swaziland, specifically the construction of a national reference lab that will be used for food and crops analysis (GMOs included) involving pathogen detection, analysis of food composition and additives, nutritional analysis, vitamins and minerals analysis. The project and analysis were supported by Prof. Van Montagu as a specialist in this field of expertise.

Project Highlights

  • Customer: A+ Design
  • Main Goal: Design of lab facilities for Swaziland
  • Main Results: Analysis and organisational structure for a new lab facility



Specific requirements included:

  • Sustainable
  • Efficiently organized (focus on the most essential tests within the specific African eco
  • system).
  • Compliant with strict quality standards (ISO, EU, GMO, Pharmacopea,…)

Plan was based on the NRLs in Belgium that are used to detect GMO, medicines, food, nutraceuticals... Based on their experiments and set-up a design was prepared and validated.

BIO project swaziland3


  • Design of a national reference lab
  • Supportive analysis and guidelines for lab construction