Project Lead implementation new financial backoffice

02 mei 2019

The organisation Brothers of Charity started a new program to implement a new financial backoffice in their institutions for care. This new interface consists of new and improved pricing, invoicing and bookkeeping. About 60 entities within the group implemented these new interfaces. Hict coordinated this project as project manager.

Project Highlights

  • Customer: Brothers of Charity
  • Main Goal: Optimal implementation of a new financial backoffice
  • Main Result: Implementation realised through a closely followed change management process


The implementation was divided into 2 projects:

  • Project BICWIN (migration of accounts)
  • Project WISH (migration of pricing and invoicing)

Hict was asked to coordinate these projects. The objectives were:

  • Ensuring the continuity of activities
  • Optimising financial flows
  • Manage and unify the processes in the different entities
  • Hospital-specific financial consulting
  • Managing the collaboration between the Healthcare provider and the Healthcare suppliers

For both projects the project approach is based on the Prince 2 principles, whereby each project has a project team consisting of the project sponsor, Hict as project leader, the external software supplier, the user groups and the internal IT supplier. The senior users of the projects represent the interests of all users. They have the final responsibility for the functional part of the new software package. The key users are mandated for all installations within their cluster responsibility. The role of this key user is of a permanent nature and is not limited to the duration of the project. This way they remain the point of contact for the users at the institutions.

Here are some specific roles of the key user:

  • Informing and advising users on the progress of the developments
  • Follow and monitor project-related training courses and ensure that every end user follows them
  • Supporting end users
  • Ensure a smooth transfer of the project
  • Reporting incidents
  • Monitoring the risks to users

Training and communication:
In a new project, it is important to focus on explaining the new application and guiding the end users.

  • Communication via

    • the existing channels within the Brothers of Charity
    • the new working group BIC WISH
    • the key users
    • Project documentation on a central team drive
      All end-users receive direct training from the suppliers

The project was planned over a period of 2 years and was divided into phases:

  1. Preparation of migration and pilot projects.
  2. Phased role in all institutions.
  3. Customization + implementation of new modules


  • The different environments are in production
  • Digital approval flow
  • Integrated support and helpdesk
  • Optimisation of applications
  • Specific modules relating to closure, loan, management
  • BICWISH working group, which streamlines the processes and data and develops responsibilities
  • A fixed project approach for the specific environment