Cochlear: Budget impact criteria reimbursement implants

16 september 2019

Hict supported performing a health-economic evaluation (budget impact analysis) of a proposed adaptation of the reimbursement criteria for cochlear implants in Belgium.

Project Highlights

Customer: Cochlear Benelux

Main Goal: Development of a budget impact model and report to support the submission for new reimbursement criteria

Main Result: Reimbursement of the cochlear implants conform the new reimbursement criteria


The support provided by Hict included:

  • Analysis of the context, objectives, available data and determination of the most suitable approach for submission of the reimbursement criteria change request.
  • Development of a flexible budget impact (BIA) model for the simulation of different, alternative reimbursement criteria.
  • Development of an approach for the assessment of the size of the target population.
  • Organization of expert interview to discuss and validate model inputs and results.

“Hict has developed a comprehensive and complete budget impact analysis for our reimbursement file to expand the inclusion criteria for cochlear implantation that was easily transferable to other markets like the UK.”




  • Model structure, strategy and input parameters
  • The translation of the data collection strategy into a practicable data collection protocol
  • The modelling strategy was implemented in a practical BIA mode, including the results from the data collection phase
  • The design, inputs and results of the BIA model were included in a report conforming to KCE guidelines and ready for inclusion in a reimbursement dossier