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NIEUWS - 18 juli 2023

Our HEMAR team, together with Takeda, published a whitepaper on the "Clinical Practice of Hereditary Angioedema in Belgium" at the end of last year. A peer reviewed publication of this paper was published in May of this year.

Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder, characterized by recurrent, unpredictable and painful swelling episodes that might become life-threatening in case of oropharyngeal involvement.

We did this project for and with Takeda to gain insights in the clinical practice of HAE in Belgium, and to formulate action points to further optimise the Belgian clinical practice in line with the updated international guidelines.

You will find more on this project as well as the whitepaper and our one-pager in the reference case: Clinical Practice of HAE in Belgium.

End of May 2023, we were happy to see that the paper got peer reviewed. Follow the link to PubMed for the abstract and a link to the full article.

Screenshot Clinical Practice HAE Belgium Acta Clinica Belgica

Clinical practice of hereditary angioedema in Belgium: opportunities for optimized care

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