InsightOut Webinar: Hospital Capacity Prediction

Caspr image
EVENT | 29 JANUARI - 01 februari 2021

On Friday the 29th of January 2021, we organised our first digital version of our InsightOut Concept. During this session, in the form of an interactive webinar, our manager Pieter Vanleenhove gave an in-depth explanation of our new predictive tool for strategic hospital capacity planning, CaSPr.

The webinar began with a short introduction of Hict and its vision and services by our CEO Jan Demey. Then Pieter elaborated on the strategic challenges hospitals face concerning capacity planning. His detailed presentation of the functionalities of our CaSPr tool gave the participants an insight into the possibilities of the scientifically validated prediction model. Because we analyse, advise and implement, we ended the presentation with two real-life use cases of CaSPr-projects giving a practical insight on its impact.

Participants were able to submit questions during the presentation, which would be answered in full afterwards.

Are you interested in our capacity prediction model CaSPr for your hospital or organisation? Contact the project manager pieter.vanleenhove@hict.comfor more information or to schedule a demo.