Where to find us

Our offices are located at the Loop in Ghent: Poortakkerstraat 93, 9051 Ghent. We have offices on the first and second floor of d'Office.

Parking C d Office Transparent EN

How to get to us by car

Please park your car on parking C. To get to the office, follow the route as indicated on the map:

  • Take the steps down, located in the corner of parking C.

  • Go right.

  • Take the steps up and follow the path.

  • At the end of the path, take a left.

  • Keep going until you see the two buildings from the picture below. We are located in the building on the right.

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How to get to our offices by public transport

Did you arrive in Ghent by train at Gent-Sint-Pieters train station?


Either take bus 34 or 35 and get out at the sixth stop "Sint-Denijs-Westrem Kareelstraat." Or take bus 76, and get out at the sixth stop "Sint-Denijs-Westrem Flanders Expo."

It takes about 10 minutes to get there by bus, after which you will have to walk another 10 minutes to our offices at d'Office.


At Gent-Sint-Pieters train station, take line 1 and get out at the fifth stop "Sint-Denijs-Westrem Flanders Expo." To walk from the stop to our offices, follow the directions on the map of bus 76 below.

Direction Walk Busstop Office

How to get to us by bike

There's a bike path from Gent-Sint-Pieters train station all the way to The Loop, just follow the directions to Flanders Expo. Once you've crossed the bridge over the R4, go left, and then go right.

At the roundabout near the SBAT exam centre, exit the bike path and ride towards SBAT Autokeuring. d'Office is right next to it.

How to get to us on foot

If you come from the side of the train station, you can enjoy a 30 minute walk alongside Park Overmeersen to get to our offices.

Once you cross the R4, take a left turn, then a right turn. Get off the bike path at the SBAT exam centre, and keep going until you pass the SBAT Autokeuring. Our offices are in the next building.