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Hict is a Belgian company founded in 2004 with the goal to develop deep expertise in healthcare on an innovative consulting concept. From the very beginning Hict has challenged the various evolutions within the healthcare sector through a model where the market requirements interact with the vision of Hict’s multi-disciplinary team.

The core elements defining Hict’s universe to realise this ambition are defined as:

  1. Hict aims to be a thought leader through healthcare consultancy.
  2. Hict envisions integrated and future oriented healthcare systems, stimulating the interaction between all healthcare stakeholders such as healthcare providers, suppliers and public services.
  3. Hict optimises healthcare through its Architect Builder Concept in which Hict’s analysis and advice are transformed into concrete project realisations by implementing solutions and performing change management.
  4. Hict extends its expertise in national and international projects stimulating cross-border interaction and cooperation.
  5. Hict deepens its expertise further through healthcare clusters with evolving focus, solutions and proven methodologies.

Since 2004, Hict has continuously adjusted and optimised the approach and by doing so have created a unique and successful interactive healthcare business model based on a changing healthcare environment.

Our strategic vision and mission are built upon four major pillars: our customers, our expertise, our network and our values.

Healthcare Systems

Due to the fact that we believe in an integrated care and cure model where the different stakeholders collaborate to deliver better and affordable healthcare services, Hict was founded to serve the healthcare continuum with consulting services, where our view covers the wide market space of healthcare. The perspective in this market starts from a patient/citizen-centric view. We concentrate on the organisation, the processes and the automation of the healthcare systems around the patient/citizen. When we look today at the projects of Hict in these healthcare systems, our added value mainly concentrates on the understanding of the ‘bridges’ between the different stakeholders within this healthcare ecosystem.

Our customers

Proposition & Expertise

Hict’s proposition model is to generate a creative space in which a flexible set of service offerings are combined along 5 major clusters of expertise (Strategy, Process, Value, HEMAR, Policy).

As opposed to a classic consultancy model which starts from a fixed set of solutions and apply them to different markets, the unique consulting model of Hict is to develop an interactive and visionary way to bring its services to the market.

This approach has made Hict a relevant player in the consulting market, as well as in different regions, as the healthcare consulting services need customisations in different geographies.

Within the market model, Hict also develops new services. Internal service development is a continuous activity and investment within Hict. The development of services is supported by product development via solutions and tools to support the consulting activities. Extending our services with software tools for our customers embeds the acquired knowledge in a model that can be further updated and maintained with evolving health data.

Our expertise

A networked organisation

As an organisation, dealing in expertise, we have chosen to create a network-based business model to implement our ambitions. At the centre is our internal staff, which is the core of our organisation. We work in a connected environment where we integrate our network in our daily activities and services. Our network is developed around different nodes, where we have associated consultants, experts and partners who support us in our business development. When focusing on the academic world, we work with management, physicians and healthcare workers who support us in the medical and scientific aspects of our services. On an international level, we have established a network of partners and experts to give exposure and support to our solutions and services.

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We have also mirrored the way we interact with our network towards our internal organisation. Over the years we have learned that over-structuring our activities creates silos and artificial complexity. Therefore, Hict is a highly networked organisation, where every consultant is a node with specific roles, interests, ambitions, targets and responsibilities. Connecting the internal network with the external network as a single operational business model is a key point in this way of working.

Our networked business model gives us flexibility, more coverage, support in internationalisation and scientific and medical collaborations.

Our Partnerships


Our DNA is summarised in the word PICQUP: we want to pick up our customers and consultants to realise their ambitions in healthcare. When discussing the market, the propositions and the business model, it is important for a company like Hict to have the ‘glue’ to hold the different aspects together. To highlight this, we have translated our DNA into a value model for Hict, so anyone working with or for Hict, can recognise and apply these values in their daily work. These values are very important in our company and we repeat them frequently in our internal organisation, our network and to our customers.

Our Values

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