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One goal. One team. Four strategic priorities. As an organisation, Hict needs to continuously push its boundaries to ensure its sustainable growth. Our strategic priorities reflect the key areas in which we want to excel to continue to create value to our customers and to empower our employees to grow on their career trajectory.

Bolster our national and international partner network

Hict’s business model is based on an internal core expert team leveraging an extended partner network. Strategic partnerships strengthen our value proposition directly by contributing to market outreach, through joint sales investments, by offering complementary expertise or through accessing different market spaces. In addition, our thriving partner ecosystem provides a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange and the co-creation of value added services and innovative project solutions.

Strengthen our team, reinforce our expertise

Taking into account our ambition regarding expertise, internationalisation and innovation, we strive to further extend our team and reinforce its competence to realise:

  • Further specialisation
  • Larger projects
  • Internationalisation
  • Comprehensive partner and network management
  • Targeted business development
  • Accelerated solution development

Fast-track the translation of expertise and project outcomes to marketable solutions

We identified several key opportunities where Hict can leverage its project expertise, market knowledge and partner network to develop well defined solutions and tools. Building on the set of efficient solutions and models that we have created as of today, we endeavour to continuously work towards the development of new pertinent solutions and their path to market.

Amplify our international presence

Expanding our business, finding markets for our targeted solutions, deepening our expertise and growing our team – these goals need an international program.

Today we have 5 international axes we want to further develop:

  1. A proactive approach for the MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa). As we have been building a network and references in this market, we keep on further activating this market. With this goal in mind, we have engaged specific consultants with knowledge of the local market and the culture/language.
  2. ‘Reinventing’ Hict bv Netherlands based on the business model of Hict Belgium. Cross border projects are set in place for common customers or for common consulting needs. Our new offices in the Netherlands will soon be opened.
  3. Increased focus on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device (European) Headquarters through Hict Switzerland. Our Swiss entity also serves as legal entity and hub for our international business. The business development effort towards these healthcare suppliers will further be developed through our local manager.
  4. Further development of our business in Europe by following our current customers to their counterparts in other countries. This European coverage will provide larger projects and partnerships. Trusted relations are key in this expansion model.
  5. Leverage our international partnership (headquarters in the Philippines) in the domains of healthcare, life & bio science development. The partnership was launched under the brand A+Design (by Aidea) and has accumulated 40 partners to this day. This network, combined with a local representative, allows us to cover Asia, The Middle East and Africa.
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