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We've defined our values in the acronym PICQUP

PICQUP stands for

  • Passionate
  • Independent
  • Connected
  • Quality
  • Unique
  • Professional

These 6 values express who we are and how we want to work.


We are Passionate in what we do and in what we want to deliver to our customers and to the market. We operate in a socio-commercial market where passion for a better quality of care, a better patient experience and a better use of resources and profitability are the main drivers for our project teams and members.


We act as an Independent advisor, not influenced by shareholders, structures or organisations that might impact our objectivity, vision and beliefs.


Working as a Connected organisation is a cornerstone in our business model. The connections with different stakeholders and key opinion leaders, not only strengthen our expertise but also open up our mindset and triggers us to reflect on who we are and what we do. Our entrepreneurial way of working, both internally and externally with our customers and network, has a focus on delivering value for our customers.


We want to achieve the highest level of quality in what we deliver, how we present our company & services, how we organise ourselves and our activities, etc.. Quality is our driver for creating key accounts, for offering customised advice as a trusted partner, for attracting the right skills & expertise and for creating valuable networks.


The way we have ‘designed’ Hict, makes us Unique, as we are not compliant to existing consulting models. We are a 100% healthcare focused company, and we believe in an integrated healthcare system where interactions between stakeholders are crucial. Our entrepreneurial way of working, both internal and external with our customers & network, has a focus on delivering value for our customers.


Professionalism is the cornerstone of our way of working. Be it in our interactions, our daily work or the quality of our deliverables, our team lives and breathes professionalism, safeguarded by a well-structured internal organisation, clear and timely communication and a drive to deliver on our commitments.

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What is our goal?

In the end, the aim of our 6 values is to PICQUP our people, our network and our customers to the next level in their ambitions. This is what we valorise: as trusted advisers to pick up our internal and external healthcare professionals in order to optimise healthcare.

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