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Assisting stakeholders in healthcare systems to shape, to translate, to accept and to implement their strategic ambitions.


We support healthcare stakeholders to co-create their ambitions and make them explicit in this changing environment.

The strategic landscape of healthcare is subject to change, due to many different drivers. Quality, budgets, stakeholder relations, innovations, digital transformation, new formats of healthcare services, re-organisations and futureproof infrastructure constantly reshuffle the landscape of healthcare.

We translate these ambitions into care, operational, financial and infrastructure plans, to finally have them accepted by the stakeholder community. Communication plans create support for the strategy roll-out.

Why Hict for Strategy?

  • Hict’s insights in the integral healthcare systems from the different stakeholders’ perspectives
  • Hict’s quantitative and qualitative tools and methods to support this expertise
  • Hict’s long term vision on healthcare, based on national and international insights, combined with pragmatic design and implementation expertise
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