Centralisation of pharmaceutical activities

12 august 2019

By order of the Executive Management Hict developed the business case ‘Pharmacie 2015’ for the centralisation of the pharmaceutical activities in the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi, following the merger of the five hospitals.

Project Highlights

  • Customer: Grand Hopital de Charleroi
  • Main Goal: Develop a business case for the centralisation of pharmaceutical activities following the merger of 5 hospitals
  • Main Results: Propositions for (medium) long run adaptations to prepare for centralisation

Since January 2008 the hospitals Saint-Joseph, Sainte-Thérèse , Institut de Médecine, Traumatologie et Réadaptation (I.M.T.R.), Centre Hospitalier Notre Dame and Reine Fabiola merged to Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (GHdC) which disposes of 1124 acknowledged beds.



Based on the analysis of the current situation (by means of observations, interviews, data analyses, working groups) Hict formulated propositions for the future functioning:

  • Human resources: organisation chart, required functions, development of clinical pharmacy
  • Architectonic/operational/logistic: seat of the central pharmacy, investments, logistic flows, reorganisation of the activities in front office and back office, stock management, computerisation and automation, elaboration of SLA’s, ...

The reported results are propositions for the future functioning in the long and medium long run. The propositions in the medium long run consist of the necessary preliminary steps before passing to centralisation (implementation of the therapeutic formulary, the electronic prescription and the pharmacy software, uniformisation of the basic processes).



  • Propositions in the medium long run who consist of the necessary preliminary stepsbefore passing to centralisation