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Financial flow and resources are managed in a very specific way when we talk about healthcare. Hict’s financial experts add a financial dimension to your projects with their specific knowledge.


Within our financial healthcare expertise, we study the financial impact (ROI, NAW, CAPEX, OPEX …) to realise your strategic and infrastructure related scenarios, taking into account the specifics of healthcare financing (public, private, internal, external, local systems).

New expertise related to financial models (Nomenclature, financial governance,…) can be discussed with our consultants in co-creation sessions. These can be organised by providers, but also by suppliers or groups of stakeholders and public services, in order create new financial healthcare models.

Optimising the financial structure, registrations, flows, arrangements and automation (Tarfac, Accounting, Revenue Management, etc), is part of our expertise in combination with our process, technology and people competence.

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