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Hict's strategic expertise allows us to create and define plans with our clients in order to realise their ambitions. These strategic plans take the internal and external context of the healthcare system into account. Alongside the client’s vision and mission statement, these plans will serve as mid and long term objectives. Hict offers these strategic services for the different players within our market.


Today, healthcare providers are subject to new organisational challenges such as networks or clusters, new formats of healthcare provisioning such as home care and home hospitalisation and the change from inpatient to outpatient treatments.

Healthcare suppliers such as pharmaceutical industry, medical device market, payers, infrastructure providers and technology companies will have to adapt their market and service strategy towards these changes.

Public authorities can count on our expertise to define their different strategies and policies from different perspectives such as quality, patient enablement, disease specific strategies (such as oncology, infectious diseases, … ) eHealth, patient safety and others.

Hict’s strategy expertise offers a unique service portfolio to guide you through your mission, vision, strategy and planning exercise. With our multidisciplinary knowledge of healthcare stakeholders and a broad perspective on healthcare evolution, related to opportunities and challenges, Hict is a proven strategic partner for healthcare organisations.

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