Support definition of care strategy in the Antwerp region

02 may 2019

GZA and ZNA hospitals decided for a more closer collaboration. In partnership with McKinsey, Hict supported the group in defining the care strategy of GZA and ZNA for the future.

Project Highlights

  • Customer: ZNA & GZA
  • Main Goal: Creating a broad vision on possible strategic scenarios
  • Main Result: Strategic scenarios were described, supported by a calculated forecasting capacity model


The hospitals GZA and ZNA want to distinguish themselves on a number of important points in the Antwerp region. They want to offer:

Good, accessible second-line care for the inhabitants of the Antwerp region

Top clinical care at locations where they want to invest in more specialised and more complex care of high quality

Innovating in transmural collaboration, including in rehabilitation care, geriatrics and psychiatry

Hict's support for this consisted of:

  • Developing strategic frameworks and a case for change
  • Defining options for:
  • Growth and spearheaded healthcare offering
  • Concentration and distribution per care cluster
  • Outlining the outlines of a roadmap based on consideration of priorities
  • Developing the care strategy
  • Creating scenarios for delivering care

Hict's approach was very interactive. A steering committee monitored the progress of the project every month. The daily follow-up was done in close cooperation between Hict and the client's team.


  • Care Strategy
  • Strategic Scenarios
  • Capacity Forecasting Model