Integrated quality of care... with focus on capacity

Kwaliteit blijft en leeft visual
EVENT | 10 SEPTEMBER - 25 august 2020

On September 10th, Hict will be hosting the first VICO (Virtual Conference) of "Kwaliteit Blijft en Leeft 2020-21".

This first conference will focus on integrated quality of care via an opening session, three parallel sessions on crises, quality and capacity, and a closing panel discussion.

During this conference you'll get to know Hict's expertise and approach even better when visiting our virtual booth. Make sure you don't miss our special announcement related to strategic capacity planning!

This is how "Kwaliteit Blijft en Leeft" discribes the conference:

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a number of existential questions for many care institutions and individual care providers. There are doubts about the possibility of being able to act while meeting certain quality standards in such situations, let alone thinking about the value of these standards. However, many innovative techniques have emerged to help manage quality. Care quality also suddenly seemed to manifest itself in more dimensions. And the management of healthcare institutions during such crisis situations seemed much more alike to quality management systems than had previously been thought.

During this first virtual conference of the ‘Kwaliteit Blijft en Leeft 2020•21’ cycle, we would like to further describe these elements. This virtual conference takes place in the studio and is streamed in real time to all participants. Speakers can contribute from the studio or from another location via video conferencing. Fascinating and inspiring presentations shape the program, along with video fragments and the presentation of survey results.

So you can easily participate from home or from the office.

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