06 september 2019

Do you want a hands-on Health Economics training for Belgian reimbursement submissions?

Expertise: People, Health Economics

There are many good trainings on the basic and advanced health economic principles in Belgium and/or abroad. Hict’s hands-on Health Economics training focusses on applying health economics in the context of Belgian reimbursement submissions. We want to help our customers grow in their knowledge of health economics for Belgian reimbursement dossiers, and evolve from being the HE consultants towards being their preferred collaborator.

This training includes:

  • Hands-on theoretical training
  • On the job training
  • Support on demand
HE training full
HE training2

Teach the theoretical aspects of performing cost-effectiveness analyses and budget impact analyses, including data collection, but from a practical point of view: applying HE in the context of BE submissions. Based on an intake meeting, the training will be adapted & customized to fit the context and needs of the trainee.

  1. Intake meeting : Discuss and align on existing knowledge, needs, expectation, objectives, etc.
  2. HE-training part 1: Economic evaluations in more detail - how to get started with a CEA model
  3. Homework: Apply knowledge session 1 in a practical case
  4. HE-training part 2:
    1. Basic financing & costing of resources for HE models
    2. Data collection: expert opinions, databases, tips & tricks
  5. Homework: Apply knowledge session 2 in a practical case
  6. HE-training part 3: Budget Impact Analysis

Deliverables: Full theoretical HE training from the practical perspective of a BE reimbursement submission

HE training1

Train the trainee during a health economics project of the Customer, to further enrich the Belgian-specific HE knowledge of the trainee

2 approaches are possible, depending on the needs of the trainee:

  • Option A: Do & Engage:
    • Hict will engage the trainee in the HE project we are performing for Customer
    • Hict will provide additional support to the trainee to fully comprehend the data collection approach, choices taken on costing and scenario’s, models, etc.
  • Option B: Support:
    • The trainee performs the HE project and is supported by Hict during this project
    • Support can be overall or for specific elements of the HE project (e.g. data collection, BIA development, CEA population, review, etc.) – to be determined with Customer

Deliverables: Support to optimize the quality of the Health Economics of a reimbursement submission, and to further enhance the Belgian-specific HE knowledge of the trainee

HE training3

Support the trainee in case of specific questions during reimbursement submissions, in which Hict is NOT the HE consultant performing the data collection and CEA/BIA modelling. Hict will support upon request the trainee who is performing the health economics for a specific submission.

This support can be very diverse:

  • Support with the need of preparatory work to be done by Hict (e.g. analyse a CEA model)
  • Support without the need of preparatory work (e.g. ad hoc questions on costing)
  • Review of documents (survey, expert opinion report, cost calculations, etc.)

Deliverables: Support to optimize the quality of the Health Economics of a reimbursement submission, and to further enhance the Belgian-specific HE knowledge of the trainee


The “Health Economics” training at Hict was a very informative and captivating experience for me. The best part of the program is its flexibility, as it is tailor made for every client. Well-prepared presentations form the foundations, while the possibilities for interaction and further specification make the program very efficient and concretely applicable. The possibilities for ad-hoc TC’s, face-to-face contacts and email communication made for a good continuity. It was a nice collaboration with enthusiastic people who possess a lot of experience, knowledge and abilities when it comes to cost-benefit analysis. The training has helped me a lot during my daily work as a market access manager.