KCE – Video registration Operating room

11 september 2019

The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) is a federal institution. It was founded on 24 December 2002 and has been operating since 2003. The KCE produces studies and reports to advise policy-makers when deciding on healthcare and health insurance. It is not involved in making decisions itself and certainly not in their implementation. Its role is to point the way to the best possible solutions.

Project Highlights

Customer: KCE

Main Goal: Determine if it is possible to improve the quality of surgical intervensitions in ORs by using video registration of endoscopic images

Main Result: Development of scientific report on 6 topics to be included HTA report published by KCE

The KCE asked Hict to examine the following:

“Is it possible to improve the quality of surgical interventions in the operating room by means of video registration of endoscopic images?"


Hict developed a scientific report of six parts based on the Health Technology Assessment methodology:

  • assessment of the necessary technology;
  • legal context of video registration;
  • study for quality control in an operating room;
  • literature study for common practices within the research domain;
  • qualitative research (interviews) with surgeons;
  • conclusions and recommendations.


The results were presented in a research report based on a scientific study consisting of a literature study and interviews with surgeons.

The publication "Video registration of endoscopic surgery: a rapid assessment" can be accessed through the link below!

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