Development of programming and capacity calculation

16 february 2022

Hict was involved in the Development of the programming and calculation of the capacity and surface for a new hospital.


Hict cooperated closely within a consortium with VK and Réservoir A (a bureau of architects) and various other partners such as Royal Haskonig (a bureau of engineers) for the project in Charleroi. The goal of the project was the development of an optimal structure and organisation for the new hospital. To achieve this, Hict conducted a detail-analysis and translated the medical strategy into a general programming for the new hospital.

Hict performed in-depth research (literature study, interviews,…), combined with an analysis of the data provided by the different sites of GHdC. Based on these results, the optimal surface (m²) and capacity were calculated for the new hospital. Hict also organised validation sessions to discuss every result and conclusion during the process. In doing so, these data were implemented into the architects’ drawings.

During this phase the functional flow of patients, medication, food, etc. was defined and immediately integrated in the model, in close cooperation with the stakeholders of the hospital.

Ghdc capacity