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Hict offers an extensive array of consulting services for care-providing organisations in the healthcare sector, such as hopsitals, specialised (psychiatric, private,...) hospitals and many others.

Insight in the complex environment of Healthcare Providers is Hict's main area of expertise. Based on this extensive expertise, our multi-disciplinary team offers advice and aids in implementing the proposed solutions.

We guarantee a wide range of expertises, an extremely competent multi-disciplinary team and a professional project approach and methodology, all specifically applied to the sector.

Hict offers extensive services to healthcare providing organisations in the healthcare sector, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospital networks
  • Specialist clinics (psychiatric clinics, private clinics ...)
  • Rest and nursing homes & other projects related to geriatric care
  • Home care organisations

In hospitals and clinics Hict optimises among other things:

  • The policy bodies (executive board, medical council, management ...)
  • The hospital departments/clusters
  • The medico-technical services (lab, radiology, pharmacy ...)
  • The facility and logistics departments
  • The patient related services
  • The financial department
  • The departments information/data/registration & informatics/ICT

In elderly care and nursing homes Hict does lots of projects concerning:

  • Global strategy & policy
  • Automation & ICT
  • Logistics
  • Patient management

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