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Depending on the timing within the product life cycle and the challenges you are facing, our different health economic services can support you.


  • Model development
    • We develop different types of model: dynamic budget impact models and pharmaco-economic models (cost-effectiveness, cost-minimisation, and cost-utility models)
    • We can support you during the early stages of development with early decision models
    • We develop models for reimbursement submissions
    • We develop models to support and impact your current market access context
  • Validation, adaptation and translation of existing models to a country specific context
  • Different types of data collection
    • Database analysis (e.g. hospital invoices, national MZG-MKG data)
    • Literature review on epidemiology, standard of care, costs, etc.
    • Expert opinion analysis
      • Survey and interviews (result: expert opinion report)
      • Survey and consensus meeting (result: consensus statement)
    • Patient chart review
    • Patient registry
  • Development of reports on health economic models – clear and transparent for payers, meeting local guidelines
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