Health-Economic Modelling for Reimbursement

To obtain reimbursement for a new product (e.g., drug, medical device) in Belgium, both clinical and health-economic evidence must be evaluated.

Expertise Pillar: HEMAR.

Hict assists healthcare suppliers (e.g., pharmaceutical and MedTech companies) with all necessary steps to secure successful product reimbursement in Belgium, particularly in the health-economic section of reimbursement dossiers.

Depending on the timing of your internship and our ongoing projects, you may be involved in one or more of the following tasks:

  • Data collection for model inputs: literature search, (public) databases, expert opinions through surveys, interviews, and meetings.
  • Adapting and populating cost-effectiveness models to evaluate the new product's acceptability (i.e., value for money).
  • Developing a budget impact model (BIA) to assess the new product's affordability (i.e., additional cost for the healthcare payer).
  • Reporting model methods and results (e.g., written reports, PowerPoint presentations).


  • We're seeking proactive Master's students (ongoing or recent graduates) with a strong interest in healthcare systems.
  • An extensive background in health economics is not required; we'll provide necessary introduction and training.
  • Required skills: literature and database research, Microsoft Excel, analytical thinking.
  • Relevant interests: quantitative analysis, market access.


  • Gain exposure to the growing field of health economics, which plays a critical role in shaping healthcare policies and systems.
  • Acquire valuable job market insights to help you navigate your career path as a young graduate.
  • Join a team of skilled consultants in a dynamic, project-driven work environment. In addition to your specific intern project, you may be involved in other ongoing projects or internal processes, offering a glimpse into various consultant roles.


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