Dental Care Digital Transformation Project - KSA

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ACTUA - 27 november 2020

Hict is excited to announce the start of our collaboration with SAMIR Group for the Dental Care Digital Transformation Project for MOH - KSA (Ministry of Health - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

The project is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and covers around 41 specialized dental centers of about 1000 dental clinics across the kingdom and 2000 primary healthcare centers.

Hict joined a consortium of 6 other partners formed by Samir Group. Hict will provide Change Management, Program Management and Training, bringing new insights and expertise in healthcare digital transformation projects.

H.E. Dominique Mineur, Belgian Ambassador in Riyadh, supported this collaboration by inviting Hict and Samir Group for a business dinner at her residence in Riyadh. All partners are 100% aligned to make a success of this high-visibility project!