Hict is fully operational as Regional Headquarters in Riyadh

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Hict (www.hict.com) has completed the entire process to become operational with their Regional Headquarter (RHQ) in Riyadh. Hict has been in the Saudi market for more than 10 years as an international healthcare consulting firm. The RHQ Program, guided by Ministry of Investment (MISA) and Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC), gave Hict the opportunity to establish a local RHQ and Branch office, and to develop a local team of experts in healthcare, integrated within the international organization.

“It is the ambition of Hict to support and participate in the development and implementation of the Healthcare chapter of the Vision 2030. We want to participate in this transformation program to realize the ambitions of the Kingdom. We are convinced that a local team of healthcare consultants and experts, in combination with our international experts, can support this transition program. We solidify our dedication and commitment to this Healthcare program by setting up this RHQ office and team.”, said Jan Demey, Chairman and CEO of Hict.

MISA Deputy of the Integrated Investors Services; Mr. Adnan Al-Sharqi, welcomed the transfer of “Hict RHQ to Riyadh”, one of the world’s leading Belgian companies in the field of healthcare consulting and solutions, to operate at full capacity, praising the Saudi-Belgian economic and investment relations.

Mr. Al-Sharqi noted the integrated role of the MISA and related government entities, which is making great efforts to develop the investment environment in and to attract more quality investments and leading international companies, to achieve the objectives of the national investment strategy, and he said, "The Kingdom has attracted a large number of companies through the program to attract the RHQ of international companies, as more than 44 international companies have recently received their RHQ licenses to conduct their activities from Riyadh," referring to the increase in the flow of foreign direct investment into the Kingdom's economy, which enables the transfer of the knowledge and experience of young national talents, in addition to its contribution of about 67 billion riyals to the local economy, and the provision of 30,000 new job opportunities by the year of 2030.

H.E. Pascal Grégoire, Ambassador to Belgium in Saudi Arabia: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Belgium have a long relation in healthcare related projects, from infrastructure to innovation and recently with Covid Vaccination, one of the major Vaccines in the Kingdom came from Belgium. This first Regional Headquarter of a Belgium HQ based organization is a major step as well in the collaboration between the Kingdoms as well as the collaboration on sharing expertise and knowledge on healthcare, a fast moving and evolving sector for both countries. We congratulate and support MISA and HICT to realize this RHQ license and we hope many other Belgian companies can follow this example.”

Hict is currently involved in several Healthcare related projects, as well for the Ministry of Health as for private companies in the Healthcare sector. The ambition is to extend the network of business partners and clients, with the objective of growing the team of expertise and local staff.

About Hict

Hict is an international Healthcare consultancy company with International Headquarters in Belgium and offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia. Hict was founded in 2004 and is 18 years active in the Healthcare market. Hict works for healthcare providers, healthcare industries (Pharma, technology, Insurance, medical devices, etc.) as well as for Governments. Hict has been involved in more than 700 healthcare related projects around consulting, management, training, experts outsourcing; parts of these projects were shared as (semi-)scientific publications and posters.

Hict is networked with more than 200 experts in the different healthcare fields.

Hict Operational with RHQ

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