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BLOG - 15 july 2020

At Hict we are proud to call ourselves innovative and future-oriented when it comes to the methodologies we apply or the business ventures we pursue. Being a consultancy business, our strength lies with our multidisciplinary team and their expertise. To stay innovative and to keep evolving we also look for the next generation of Hict consultants. We invite students to join us for an internship and we see it as an opportunity for them to gain experience in the field, and an opportunity for us to encounter fresh minds and hopefully future Hicters. Several of our colleagues started their career with us after a successful internship.

This summer we are welcoming Faris, Eline, and Rita. These three young talents have joined us this summer to work on projects relevant to their studies and their ambitions. We try to give them ample responsibilities and opportunities to learn and to grow. Our partnerships with academic organisations allows us to find each other and work together.

Faris' internship will be the culmination of his degree at IÉSEG School of Management. Hict has a partnership with the French school for their degree in Consulting. Eline and Rita are part of BEAM, which is a student organisation for UGent and VUB Biomedical Engineering students, and has been one of our most valued recruitment partners for several years now.

Here's what they had to say about their first weeks at Hict, and about their internships in general:

Afbeelding in circkel FARIS

Business Development Intern

I started my internship on the first day of July this year, in business development consulting. My role is to create my own market analysis and take Hict into new countries in the Middle East by creating new networks, connections and business activities in the region, that all comes after understanding the business model of Hict. My impression of Hict is that I get the responsibility, I am trusted and empowered to do my own work, but of course, I get all the support I need and all my questions are answered.

The work culture here is very positive and friendly, I am hoping to remain at Hict for even many years after I finish my internship!

Afbeelding in circkel ELINE

Data Processing Intern

In these first weeks of my internship at Hict, I have already learned a lot. My colleagues are the nicest people and I’m very fond of the flexible working hours. I am currently working on two projects. The first one is called ProMoBed and aims to predict the required hospital capacity of the different departments in the future. My role is to investigate future trends in several hospital units, validate my findings with experts and implement them in the model. The second project consists of data processing. For this one, I’m working together with Rita, who is also a Hict intern.

I am really looking forward to the coming weeks where I will continue to learn a lot more in this interesting company!

Afbeelding in circkel RITA

Data Processing Intern

I joined Hict at the end of June as a Data Processing Intern and my tasks mainly include data preparation, data integration and data visualisation. To be able to fully contribute to the ongoing projects, I started with going through training materials to get to know the currently used tools, as well as to explore new tools that could be potentially useful for data preparation and visualisation for the future projects of Hict.

The Hict Team has been truly welcoming and highly supportive from the beginning and I feel like I am doing meaningful work already. I look forward to further develop my skills and to contribute to the ongoing and future projects of Hict to the greatest extent possible!


If you are a student or student organisation interested in interships at Hict, feel free to contact us for more information

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