Press Release: Hict and Kerteza join forces

ACTUA - 04 april 2022

Since April 1st 2022, both consultancy companies have been part of the JuSimAr holding founded by Jan Demey.

Ghent/Kasterlee: Both companies, Hict and Kerteza, are already working on several projects, but now they officially join forces to further expand and deepen their services to the healthcare sector. The organisations will keep their own unique identity and focus, but will cooperate more closely on a structural, strategic and project-based level.

As a healthcare consultancy company Hict expands its expertise at home and abroad, aiming to improve healthcare systems from various angles. Hict's focus on consultancy projects remains but is further strengthened through the cooperation with Kerteza in terms of expertise in specific domains of healthcare - such as healthcare institutions, hospitals, healthcare processes, laboratories, quality management, standardisation and accreditation. Kerteza also offers Hict the possibility to develop the Dutch market in an accelerated manner, while offering in-depth knowledge of the sector.

When Jan Demey, chairman of Hict, got the opportunity to add Kerteza to the family holding JuSimAr, the well-considered choice to merge the 2 companies and make them stronger in the area of consultancy in the healthcare sector was obvious. Since focus and expertise are integral to the services of both Kerteza and Hict, both companies will retain their own identity and focus. The added value of the cooperation is reflected in the faster and broader geographical growth, the complementarity of expertise to offer clients broader and deeper knowledge, and a diversification of services. The latter translates, among other things, into further development of the existing interim-management services and the transfer of knowledge through training, in addition to the existing project-based consulting and advisory services. Thus both organisations can complement each other's strengths, and this synergy will create room for innovation, scale and stability, and growth opportunities for our clients, partners and employees.

As a result of the expansion, the company family now consists of 42 Healthcare Consultants, complemented by a network of 120 associated consultants and experts. All together they account for a combined turnover of € 5.5 million and approximately 350 completed projects each year. From the offices in Kasterlee, Ghent, Zug (Switzerland), Oisterwijk (The Netherlands) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), the group will be able to offer its services to the Benelux, the MENA region and various other international markets


At Kerteza, we not only believe that healthcare should be better, we believe that healthcare can be better. Kerteza delivers added value on a strategic, organisational and commercial level and guides laboratories and healthcare institutions in challenging projects. Thanks to the cooperation with Hict, our expertise has become even bigger and stronger. On one hand, this means strategic growth and on the other hand together we can help our clients and partners with further development by sharing our knowledge.



Bringing added value to the healthcare sector is only possible through innovation, specialisation and experience. By bringing Hict and Kerteza together in one family, we meet these challenges in the sector. Experience by reaching a broader market (geographically and functionally), specialisation by being able to work more deeply with more consultants and experts on current and future issues in the healthcare sector. Innovation is further facilitated by creating space for new ideas, research, applications and participation in new initiatives, among other things within the new holding company, which is a 100% focused on the healthcare sector. With this next step in the expansion of both companies, we create room for further growth and development for our employees, our customers and partners.



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