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ACTUA - 04 july 2023

Let's start the summer with adding some fresh talent to the team. We are happy to welcome Yannick and Elien to our team of consultants.


Healthcare Consultant

Yannick joined Hict at the beginning of July. He will mainly be working on projects related to the HEMAR and policy pillars of Hict.

Yannick obtained his master’s degree in Drug Development at the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences in 2019. After graduating, he worked four years as a PhD researcher at KU Leuven on the topic of best-value biological medicine policy in Belgium. This project was in close collaboration with our Belgian national health insurer RIZIV/INAMI.

After four years of academic work, he is now looking forward to expanding his knowledge and experience at Hict.


Healthcare Consultant

Elien started her new challenge at Hict on the same day. She is a computer science engineer with a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics.

Her main field of expertise is data and analytics. This varies from analyzing a large collection of data to creating reports and helping to improve data-driven decision making.

Elien is hoping to create valuable insights in hospitals by using her skills.


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