Nurse call systems generate a lot of data. With our Nurse Call Analytics dashboard we turn that data into information that you can leverage to improve quality of service, to detect false alarms, and to mitigate complaints.

Header Dashboarding


We have a ready to use dashboard that can connect to the Nurse Call and intercom systems from Televic. The dashboards can be altered to present the data and information you find useful to the extend of the available data generated by the nurse call system.

If you use a different nurse call system, we can see if and how we can connect to that database. Custom development might be required.


The default dashboard shows information on:

  • Waiting times per room
  • Average waiting times
    • For the entire organisation
    • For a selected period
    • For selected units
  • Longest waiting times
    • A view on the longest waiting times to show where immediate action might be required.
  • Average intervention times

You receive

  • A default dashboard to start with.
  • A training with your data loaded into the dashboard.
  • Feedback moments allowing for customisations to the dashboard.