Future care demand in the light of Regional care strategic planning - CaSPr -

09 september 2020

In order to make a regional care strategic plan and to structure the way the different hospitals of a large Flemish hospital network are going to work together, input on the future regional care demand and required capacity is needed. Hict applied CaSPr to this specific context and provided detailed analyses on network level.

Project Highlights

  • Customer: Large Flemish hospital network
  • Main Goal: Deliver detailed input for regional care strategic plan
  • Main Result: Detailed report on future care demand and capacity for the whole network

Our Approach

A multi-step approach was used in which a close collaboration between Hict and the different hospitals was essential

  1. Data collection
  2. Data analysis
  3. CaSPr application
  4. Scenario Analysis
  5. Presentation


  • Detailed forecast caredemand on individual hospital level and network level
  • First analysis of the economies of scale induced by network collaboration
  • CaSPr dashboard