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07 september 2020

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CaSPr is a scientifically validated prediction model to simulate future care demand and capacity.

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The output generated by CaSPr (Capacity and Staffing Prediction) is an essential input for strategic decisions within your hospital (network).

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Regional care-strategic planning

Within the regional care-strategic planning the care supply of a hospital needs to be aligned with the future care demands of the population within a specified region of care

CaSPr can play a crucial role in defining and building these regional care strategic plans by offering insights into:

  • The evolution of the future care demand in a specific region of care
  • The alignment of the the current care supply with the future care demand
  • The prediction of the impact of future trends (demographic, technologic, epidemiologic, policy,…) on care demand
  • Where do we have too little capacity as a network, and how do we distribute capacity among individual hospitals?
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Reorganisation of care

The healthcare sector is constantly moving, which forces hospital(network)s to be agile in anticipating future evolutions such as demographic trends, disruptive technological innovations and policy decisions.

The output generated by CaSPr serves as input for strategic issues and can offer insights into care reorganisation on subject such as :

  • The reogranisation of specialisms within the hospital
  • The sustainable organisation of care to offer enough slack capacity in case of pandemics
  • The prediction of future capacity to help making investment decisions for technological innovations
  • The integration of an acute admission unit, and predicting its necessary capacity

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Hospital construction and renovation

The strategic planning of capacity for hospital construction or renovation is not an easy challenge. A correct estimation of future care demand is necessary to plan the future capacity. Several (often conflicting) factors influence the future care demand.

CaSPr allows detailed simulations on capacity and offers you insights into the necessary size of the day hopsital, including the shift of focus from classic hopsitalisation to day hospitalisation

  • The required capacity for the operation theatre, keeping in mind future technological innovations
  • The decision between merging two existing campusses and the building of a new one to meet future care demand.

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Within the framework of the regional carestrategic planning and the future need for capacity, we needed a scientifically validated model. That’s why we decided to work with Hict, who developed such model (CaSPr) in cooperation with Imec



Ziekenhuisnetwerk Kempen

ZNK played an important role in the development of CaSPr. Since the beginning of the development project, the 4 hospitals of Ziekenhuisnetwerk Kempen were involved by providing data and relevant input on the functionalities of the tool.

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Flemish Hospital Network

In order to make a regional care strategic plan and to structure the way the different hospitals of a large Flemish hospital network are going to work together, input on the future regional care demand and required capacity is needed. Hict applied CaSPr to this specific context and provided detailed analyses on network level.

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Walloon Hospital Group

Hict applied CaSPr in the reorganisation of the operating theatre for a large hospital group in Wallonia. Based on the future care demand and required capacity, specific recommendations were provided to the hospital with respect to the size and amount of operating theaters.

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