Hict awarded lead in CHRONOS study

Chronos study
ACTUA - 13 april 2021

It is our pleasure to share this article from BeCare magazine, by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Health, presenting the CHRONOS study. The CHRONOS study was awarded to Hict in partnership with UGent by public tender and was kicked off in February of 2021.

Through a solid methodology, an active collaboration with the FPS Health, as well as the support of a group of experts, we strive to provide the needed data for an update of nursing workload weights in the NRG.

Throughout the next two years, Hict and UGent will reach out to hospitals all over Belgium to participate in the measuring of variables that can impact the time-competence needed to execute nursing acts (VG-MZG / DI-RHM coding).

To develop and conduct the CHRONOS study to the best standards, Hict has brought forward its strength: a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare projects (in the project team you will find nurses, a midwife, an epidemiologist, engineers, data analysts, etc.). From UGent’s side, ISyE – Industrial Systems Engineering research center - supports Hict in the development of the methodology and the time measure methods of the study.

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