ACTUA - 01 july 2020

The Belgian healthcare consulting company Hict will expand its services in the Dutch market by scaling up the activities of Hict Netherlands. This will allow the organisation to not only start new projects in The Netherlands, but also to follow existing clients or projects by crossing national borders. The new Dutch headquarters will be located in Oisterwijk.

Simultaneously with the end of Hict’s 15th financial year, a reboot of Hict Netherlands was announced. In the past, Hict was already present in the Dutch market but a new structure and legal entity will now allow the company to further develop itself as a specialised healthcare consultancy company. The new office will copy the Belgian formula on matters such as organisation and approach but will offer a broader array of consulting services focussed on the Dutch market.

The opening of this new office is an indication of the ambitions of Hict’s Management and Board of Directors, but it also sends a clear message; The entire Dutch market will now be able to call upon Hict’s specialised expertise, vast network and result-driven consultancy!

Shoulder to shoulder

Jan Demey, President of the Supervisory Board Hict Netherlands

“Our market research with i.a. UGent has concluded that there are clearly opportunities for our specialised expertise on care strategies, process optimisation, care technology and innovation, health economics and value-based healthcare in the Dutch market. We look to support the Dutch healthcare system in achieving their goals with the depth of our offer and our concrete approach on change management. Along the lines of our other international ventures, we approach care in an integrated way, always in close cooperation with the care providers, care suppliers, the industry, the insurance companies and the public services.”

Best of both worlds

Henk Vansteenkiste, Operational Director at Hict

“We are building a new team of Dutch health experts at Hict Netherlands. Combined with our existing network, methodologies and project experience, this team will allow us to scale up our services and meet the expectations of the Ducth market.”

This new scale-up, along with the office in Switzerland and a renewed focus on the French-speaking and Middle-Eastern markets is a new milestone in the internationalisation of Hict’s services. In these new ventures Hict’s mission remains paramount, with a focus on results, innovation and quality, along with sustainability and the optimal use of scarse resources as crucial elements.

Subsequently, the new office’s vision is in line with Hict’s main ambition (and baseline) “Optimising Healthcare”.

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