22 july 2019

Visualise the data your processes generate, ask yourself the right questions and create insights into your organisation. Make decisions backed by data to improve efficiency and performance.

Expertise: Process Improvement

We as people and as organisations use many different tools and they all generate a myriad of data. In many cases this data is underutilised, or not used at all.

Hict has developed a solution to employ the data generated from your tools or extracted from policy documents, and structure it in one or more dashboards. These can be used to create insights and to better understand your organisation and its processes.


Nurse Call Analytics

We work with nursing homes to create dashboards using the data from their nurse call systems.

Our solution helps to answer questions like: When are waiting times the highest? How many interventions were there during a specific period? What is the average waiting or intervention time? Which patient or resident seems to need the most care? Etc.

Hict works closely with their clients to help understand the data, and to create a dashboard that is tailored to their needs and wishes.

We connect data from different systems to create context and better understand the data.

Strategie Dashboard KP Is

Strategy and KPI monitoring

Monitor your organisation's progress according to the strategy that was set, and follow-up on KPI's.

Case: AZ Sint-Dimpna, Geel

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