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Supporting you throughout the entire policy cycle, from agenda setting to formulation, adoption and implementation of policy initiatives and beyond.

Effective and efficient healthcare policies guarantee qualitative, sustainable and accessible healthcare. These objectives are supported by all stakeholders in the health ecosystem. Effective and timely integration of innovation in the healthcare system presents a key challenge in light of trends such as ageing, individualisation and digitalisation. In this context, developing future-forward policy initiatives are of the utmost importance. Actions could be aimed at supporting an efficient reorganisation of healthcare, safeguarding a competent and dynamic healthcare labour force, or incentivising healthcare through value-based financing.

We help you to reflect on how new policies could be shaped or improved, and also on the impact policies have or may have on a company, a network, a healthcare provider, and getting your message across to your key stakeholders. As a consequence policy projects can be performed for public sector, hospitals, the industry, payers, professional associations, ….



We provide focused approaches to support stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem with services related to the different steps in the healthcare policy cycle: planning, shaping, delivery, stakeholder alignment and evaluation/assessment, for instance by:

  • Providing insights in the effects of new policy measures through research, pilot projects, roundtable consultations
  • Presenting meaningful policy indicators via dashboards
  • Developing solutions for key health challenges via co-creation and R&D projects
  • Coordinating innovative initiatives and pilot projects (program management)
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Developing key policy messages based on facts, figures, scientific evidence
  • Communicating policy messages via publications and media

Why Hict for Policy?

  • Extensive network covering the whole healthcare ecosystem
  • In depth knowledge of specific healthcare policy fields such as cancer policy, market access, pricing and reimbursement, organisation of hospital care
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