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Identifying, quantifying, developing and raising awareness on the value of your product, technology or service across stakeholders.

The value of your product, technology or service is crucial. In the healthcare context, what constitutes value, how it is quantified or even appreciated may differ significantly across stakeholders. Bridging value assessment across stakeholders is often key.

Our health economic experts help to identify, understand and quantify value across stakeholders and perspectives and translate these findings into meaningful messages for broad or targeted stakeholder communication. Our solutions help to identify and leverage the data sources you need to make value tangible, build the calculation tools to integrate these sources and facilitate the translation of these results to concrete communication tools. Leveraging our strategy, finance, process and policy expertise, we can help develop value-based healthcare initiatives and facilitate their translation to clinical practice.

Our services

Market research

Our expert team leverages a suite of targeted solutions, both quantitative and qualitative, to support you in your market access or commercial questions and challenges. Increase insight on the appreciation of your value message with key stakeholders or obtain detailed knowledge on key drivers of impact through in-depth, structured or semi-structured market research.

Cost impact analyses

Quantify the value of your product into tangible, meaningful impact drivers for key stakeholders. Our analyses help you translate your value message into relevant figures taking into account different perspectives (patient, hospital, payer and society), helping you differentiate your product through evidence-based value messages.

Stakeholder management and value messaging

From our unique position as an independent multi-stakeholder expert organisation we have built extensive expertise in bridging the stakeholder gap, bringing together healthcare professionals, policy experts, academia, end-users and industry in identifying and communicating relevant value messages. Example approaches include roundtable discussion reports, expert consensus whitepapers, scientific publications and policy papers.

Value-added services

Contribute directly or indirectly to the value proposition of your product or service by designing and deploying service programs centered on the use of your product or the context of its target population. By collaborating with healthcare professionals, institutions and industry, we help you bring additional value to the patient, healthcare practitioner or provider.

Why Hict for Value?

  • Hict is on the crossroads of both the health care supplier, the health care provider market and of the public sector
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the clinical practice in the health care providers in Belgium and internationally
  • Our large number of projects (strategy, process, automation, policy, quality, etc.) for different types of healthcare providers, enables us to identify, develop and optimize the true value of your product
  • Extensive experience in different kind of market research methodologies: Primary market research (both qualitative and quantitative) via surveys and/or interviews, Secondary market research (literature review, database analysis, etc.), Consensus meetings, advisory board, round tables, focus groups and/or workshops
  • Value messaging for different purposes, using our broad set of expertise (health economics, communication, strategy, policy, etc.)
  • Experience in development of (semi)- scientific publications
  • Access to academic and clinical experts through our network of associated consultants
  • Proven methodologies for cost analyses and cost impact analyses  
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