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EVENT | 7 MARCH - 05 march 2024

Thursday, 7 March, Pieter Vanleenhove, Senior Manager, will present together with Caroline Gheysen, director policy information at Jan Yperman, on the importance of data-driven support for strategic and tactical capacity planning.

A synopsis of their presentation can be found below. Contact Pieter if you are interested or have any questions.

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We differentiate 3 types of capacity:

  • Operational capacity - daily capacity
  • Tactical capacity - flexibility
  • Strategic capacity – durability

There's a need for scientifically proven datamodels to taken on the current and future challenges:

  • Care-strategic plans.
  • Care re-organisation.
  • New constructions and renovation.


At Hict we use and apply our CaSPr tool and methodology to obtain insights which we use to present our advice.


The output of CaSPr supports hopsitals, departments, and networks in different ways where tactical and strategic matters require input to be able to make well-founded decisions:

  • Match the care offer.
  • Expand expertise.
  • Rationalise high-tech offering.
  • Capacity management.
  • Etc.

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