Travel time: Balance between Distance and Care centre

Stroke centers
BLOG - 15 february 2024

Recently, the Flemish government determined the criteria for the spreading of the planning permissions for stroke centres S0, S1, and S2.

A crucial starting point in developing these norms is striving for an optimal spreading of the S2 centres that are recognised by the Flemish government. The government will try to minimise the average travel time for patients and try to guarantee an easy access to specialised care for everyone.

Population management

CaSPr (Capacity and Staffing Prediction) has recently been updated with a population management module that provides answers to the questions that arrise within this context:

  • Which geographical locations are most suited for these centres?
  • Where, in Flanders, can we limit the travel time?
  • How can we optimise the access for everyone?
  • How do we minimise the number of care deserts?

These questions are not only relevant for the S0, S1, and S2 centres, but as well for a broad scala of care offer. For example, where should the centres for specific cardial care programmes be set-up? Where should we put the different PET scanners? Etc.

CaSPr update

The new module in CaSPr allows you to:

  • Analyse in a visual manner the travel times to different healthcare institutions.
  • It shows clearly which municipalities are within the logical care area of each hospital or hospital network.
  • The characteristic features of the inhabitants are accurately mapped by using population indicators.
Radiotherapy driving time

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